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Intelligent and Fully-customized Email and Communication Management QuuSoft Helpdesk Support is powerful, featured-rich and easy-to-use software integrated with customer support, helpdesk and Email management for you to productively manage the interactions between you and your customers with ease.

QuuSoft Helpdesk Support is 100% web-based helpdesk software that helps you manage support tickets online and convert incoming emails into support or trouble tickets. It is written in PHP & MySQL and offers an integrated Request management (Trouble Ticketing), Self-Service Portal, LDAP Authentication, Knowledge Base Integration and SLA Management. QuuSoft Helpdesk Support packs all the modules/plugins at an affordable price.

QuuSoft Helpdesk Support Comprehensive. Fast. Simple. Reliable. Efficient. This software has everything. And now, there's even more.

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Your software is truely remarkable compared to the other software in the market, stable and fast. And the installation service is great too. Thanks.
- Mark Thomas

The pricing is quite good that makes your software really stands out; quite efficient and easy to use too.
- David Michael

QuuSoft Helpdesk Support is powerful, featured-rich and easy-to-use software integrated with customer support, helpdesk and Email management to productively manage the interactions between you and your customers with ease.

It is the software that has everything. And now, thereís even more.

QuuSoft Helpdesk Support is very easy to install, deploy, easy to learn and to use with one-screen installation. Within a few minutes, you will have a professional Helpdesk solution running along with your site, either on your server or being hosted by us. Furthermore, QuuSoft Helpdesk Support provides loads of templates, plugins and modules that allow you easily customize the layout and install various modules and plugins to satisfy your specific needs.

The story

QuuSoft Helpdesk Support, formerly HelpdeskDIY (helpdeskdiy.com), is solid and reliable helpdesk software that has been used by QuuSoft Inc., over the past three years with more than 10,000+ technical Email requests processed per day. Now, HelpdeskDIY has been acquired by QuuSoft. And since it has been proved to be very powerful, practical and reliable for QuuSoft to productively manage all the communications with website visitors and customers, QuuSoft Helpdesk Support will definitely be great for Customer Service & IT support to reach higher efficiencies, especially the ones who do business over the Internet.

Why use QuuSoft Helpdesk Support?

For anyone who does business over the Internet, Email nowadays has become the key communication method through which you communicate with your visitors, potential customers and customers. The Email clients such as Outlook, thunder mail or web-based apps, work very well when you are the only one responsible for the customer services. However, if you have more than one person handling customer emails when your business becomes larger? Maybe you as a manager want to check what your support staff wrote and what the customerís profile and support history are. Maybe you have various teams in different locations that share the responsibility of handling customer support.

Enables support staff collaboration

To solve the problems and increase the productivity, you need to work out a solution that will enable them to collaborate effectively. When support staff is on vacation or out of work, somebody else has to be able to take over his work.

With QuuSoft Helpdesk Support, your support staff chooses available tickets from the queue. You can escalate or forward ticket to other agent, comment it and much more. Besides, your support staff can easily view the status of any ticket, such as new, open and closed, or create a ticket to send additional information to others who has the same issues.

Send instant customizable auto responders

When someone sends a request to your mailbox, you need to tell them whether you indeed have received the mail. QuuSoft Helpdesk Support automatically sends the pre-written responders to immediately inform him who will be free of worries to send the same query to you again.

Easy track of past communication

When solving the problem, it is necessary to know the history of communication with customer. Emails in QuuSoft Helpdesk Support are organized in Tickets - one ticket is one issue containing whole communication back and forth.

Emails management

Automatically turn emails into tickets and each email id as a department. You can create departments for every group of emails you need. For example, you can have one department for emails from payment processors?notifications, one department for support emails for every product, department for sales emails, department for resellers, and department for your private emails and so on. The powerful built-in Email search function lets you easily find anything related to the customers or Email content.

Powerful admin portal with loads of templates, modules and plugins

QuuSoft Helpdesk Support provides a complete CMS-like administration portal, including extension manager, ticket manager, knowledgebase manager, layout manager, department manager and other general settings, such as template switcher, front-end customization and email auto backup.

Very intuitive, easy to use and affordable

QuuSoft Helpdesk Support is powerful, intuitive and easy to use with a trusted customer base more than 100 companies currently deploying our software in their servers for years. We do not charge any hidden fees at all! You can use QuuSoft Helpdesk Support software, templates, modules and plugins for life with only one price for UNLIMITED email accounts and support staff. You'll not need to buy additional licenses if you want to add more accounts or support staff. As a customer, you will also receive any updates from QuuSoft Helpdesk Support for FREE for life.

QuuSoft Helpdesk Support key features

Unlimited Email Accounts, Departments and Staff
You do not need to buy additional licenses for additional Email accounts (for example, you have different domains), departments and support staff.

100% Web-based Helpdesk Software
Since It is 100% web-based software that only requires PHP and MySQL based hosting, any enterprise and organization can enjoy the benefits from the cost-effective PHP-MySQL solutions both manpower and spending on hardware.

Convert Emails into Helpdesk Tickets
QuuSoft Helpdesk Support automatically converts every Email into helpdesk tickets, which will be also sorted to the appropriate departments. The powerful and robust Email parser will process any type of mail following the Internet standards based on the parsing time you specify. This is a first time, when limits are defined by hardware of your server and not by your help desk software. You can also stipple all the HTML codes into plain text only to ease the server load.

Canned (Predefined) Messages
Most of the emails are common questions that every average customer will ask. For example, if you are selling software online, over 50% of the support emails are asking the serial number issue after they purchased; most of our customers from big organization, such as China Mobile and China Telecom, they usually send an auto notification to their high-end customers that the request has been received upon their customer send the Email. You can provide them with quick responses with the Canned (Predefined) Messages feature.

Easy Installation and Deployment
The only thing you need to have our software up and running is to provide the database account and create a new administration account. The best thing is, If you would like, we can do this work for you FOR FREE.

Multi Lingual
Our software is available in various languages since it is encoded in UTF-8 format.

Email Filtering
Email spamming has been always the headache of all times for anybody, especially for big organizations. Email filtering feature will let you easily keep the spamming well in your control by defining the keywords or use the default mechanism by our software.

Escalation Rules
Escalation Rules will help you automatically monitor status of all your tickets. It gives you also a power to control your agents, if every ticket was answered on time, regarding your SLA.

Hacker-safe Backend Admin
It is build on a rock solid administration platform allowing you to set various parameters of the applications with at most ease.

Ticket Management
It provides a no-nonsense tickets management page that would let admins and staff members to track every ticket efficiently; you can easily view and manage new, open, paused, closed, escalated, spammed and assigned tickets.

Customer Backend
The customer can login the customer backend to find answers and raise queries that they can easily track.

Mass Reply
QuuSoft Helpdesk Support allows you to reply various tickets at once with the Mass Reply feature. It will be very useful to send broadcast messages to those who submit their tickets for the issues, such as version updates, and promotional campaigns.

Activity Tracking
Every activity in the admin section is tracked, such as mail reply to certain customers and online staff status.

Private Comments and Quick Reply
Private Comments on a ticket makes staff members or admins adding their note and sharing information about the ticket with others easy. Quick Reply allows you to quickly write technical reply for the ticket without looking for detailed information in a separate page to reduce the average time spent on each ticket.

Email, Subject and Advanced Search
You can easily search anything you want in both simple and advanced mode. In the simple mode, you can quickly the Email address or subject; or search any text in the advanced search mode.

Download and Forward Tickets
You can download the tickets to view in Outlook in case that more detailed information has to look at; you can also assign or send a copy of the ticket to other department staff if needed.

Mail Template
You can easily manage the mail template, including adding, removing, or copying. From auto-responders to important notifications can be customized exactly the way you want them to be.

Account & Settings
Every administrator and staff member can manage their profiles using the profile link. Personal preference like Time-zone and language can be set here.

Customizable Fields, Plugins and Modules
You can custom fields to define information attached to the tickets. In case that you want to look for or add more information, the only thing you need to do is to create new fields that sever for your needs. QuuSoft Helpdesk Support will release new plugins and modules that allow our customers to enjoy more features from our software every month for FREE. You can easily install these within few minutes.

FREE Add-on Knowledgebase
This powerful module will help you to resolve issues before your customers submit tickets to avoid unnecessary time spent on every ticket.

QuuSoft Helpdesk Support benefits

  • Organize emails in departments
  • Enhanced high performance helpdesk software
  • Track time spent on every helpdesk support tickets
  • Send instant customizable auto responders to any queries
  • Easy to install and deploy a professional helpdesk software
  • Productively improve service quality and customer satisfaction
  • Fully customizable layout, integrated knowledge base and FREE updates for life
  • Cost-effective with UNLIMITED Email accounts, departments and support staff (no hidden fees, period)
  QuuSoft Helpdesk Support Helpdesk Pilot ServiceDesk Plus
Price (one-time) $99.00 $299.95 $499
Number of Staff UNLIMITED 5 20
Number of Departments UNLIMITED 3 10
Domains, Email Accounts UNLIMITED Single Multiple
Software Installation For Free $200 $500
Priority Support & Upgrades 1 year support/ UNLIMITED upgrades 6 Months/ Paid Upgrades Paid support / Paid Upgrades
Add-On Staff License UNLIMITED $24/staff $50/staff